Some of our favourite beverages ..

Image Americano
Image Blueberry - Cool Fizz
Image Butter Scotch - Frappe
Image Cafe Freddo
Image Cappuchino
Image Caramel Crunch Frappe
Image Chocolate
Image Cookies And Cream Frappe
Image Cool Fizz- Kiwi
Image Cool Fizz
Image Frappe - Moca Java
Image Green Tea - Frappe
Image Green Tea Latte
Image Green Tea Latte - Frappe
Image Hazelnuts Latte
Image Latte
Image Latte Iced
Image Machiato Vanilla Frappe
Image Mango - Cool Fizz
Image Mango Sensation
Image Moka Java - Fappe
Image Nutty Hazel Frappe
Image Strawberry - Cool Fizz
Image Tea